Lyon 2016

The 2nd Climate Change Adaptation: Strategies, Actions and Challenges workshop was held in Lyon on 8-9 February 2016.  The workshop, involving participants from Barcelona, Berlin, Grand Lyon, and Liverpool,  brought together the Climate Metropole+ Initiative and the No Regrets Charter process.

Climate Metropole+ is an initiative of Barcelona Metropolitan Area (BMA) and Metropolis in co-operation with its partners Berlin, Liverpool City Region and Grand Lyon. The aim of the initiative is to exchange experiences and generate knowledge regarding climate change adaptation. The project started in June 2015 and will finish by December 2016. It involves four workshops in each of the partner cities: Berlin, Grand Lyon, Liverpool and Barcelona.

The workshop included presentations on Grand Lyon’s climate and energy plan, the climate change adaptation plan, the local climate observatory and the Tree Charter. In the afternoon, the field trip involved three visits: a visit to the Garibaldi road, as an example of road requalification where green and blue elements were combined; the second visit to the park Kaplan and the water management department which focused on the use of rainwater and the strategy of “permeable city” and finally, the visit to the local information centre of the Confluence district (House of The Confluence) where the urban project was explained and discussed.

The workshop also focused on the preliminary analysis of the No Regrets Charter and the climate change adaptation actions undertaken by Berlin, Barcelona Metropolitan Area, Grand Lyon and Liverpool City Region. A brief presentation was given of other on-going initiatives at global and EU level, particularly, the new Integrated Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

Download the Climate Change Adaptation: Strategies, Actions and Challenges Workshop Report here.

Lyon workshop participants

Lyon workshop participants


  •  Juliette Cantau, International Relations, Grand Lyon
  • Meritxell Martell, Consultant to AMB for Climate Metropole+ initiative, Barcelona
  • Vicki O’Kelly, Green Blue Skies Limited, Consultant to Liverpool City Region
  • Luce Ponsar, Climate Plan Manager, Grand Lyon
  • Ana Romero, Head of Sustainability and Environmental Education, Environmental Services Section, Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB)
  • Frederic Segur, Roads Department, Grand Lyon
  • Dider Soto, Researcher in geography, Université de Lyon
  • Carsten Walther, Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Berlin
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