Liverpool 2016

The 3rd Climate Change Adaptation: Strategies, Actions and Challenges workshop was held in Liverpool on 20-21 June  2016.  The workshop, involving participants representing Barcelona, Berlin, Grand Lyon, and Liverpool,  brought together the Climate Metropole+ Initiative and the No Regrets Charter process.

Climate Metropole+ is an initiative of Barcelona Metropolitan Area (BMA) and Metropolis in co-operation with its partners Berlin, Liverpool City Region and Grand Lyon. The aim of the initiative is to exchange experiences and generate knowledge regarding climate change adaptation. The project started in June 2015 and will finish by December 2016. It involves four workshops in each of the partner cities: Berlin, Grand Lyon, Liverpool and Barcelona.

The participants of the workshop discussed the main challenges and actions of the Liverpool City Region to adapt to climate change, and combined presentations and tours to show how climate adaptations measures have been implemented – see presentations below.

The No Regrets Charter was presented and updates on developments in each city (Barcelona , Berlin , Liverpool and Grand Lyon) against the Charter. The next steps of the project, the Barcelona workshop and future opportunities for collaboration, were also discussed.

Download the Climate Change Adaptation: Strategies, Actions and Challenges Workshop Report here.

Liverpool workshop participants

Liverpool workshop participants


  • Paul James,  Director, Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University
  • Bruce McCormack, Global Advisor, Circles of Climate
  • Meritxell Martell,  Managing Director, Merience & Consultant to AMB for Climate Metropole+ initiative, Barcelona
  • Vicki O’Kelly, Green Blue Skies Limited, Consultant to Liverpool City Region
  • Luce Ponsar, Climate Plan Manager, Grand Lyon
  • Ana Romero Càlix, Head of Sustainability and Environmental Education, Environmental Services Section, Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB)
  • James Sharples, EU Policy Manager, Liverpool City Region, Brussels Office

Image credits:
Banner: (Liverpool city )Ana Romero Càlix
Workshop photos: Meritxell Martell

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