Barcelona 2016

The 4th and final Climate Change Adaptation: Strategies, Actions and Challenges workshop was held in Barcelona on 17-18 November 2016. The workshop brings together the Climate Metropole+ Initiative and the No Regrets Charter process.

Climate Metropole+ is an initiative of Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) and Metropolis in co-operation with its partners Barcelona, Berlin, Grand Lyon and Liverpool City Region.  The aim of the initiative is to exchange experiences and generate knowledge regarding climate change adaptation. The project commenced in June 2015 and involves four workshops in each of the partner cities: Berlin Metropolis, Grand Lyon, Liverpool City Region and Barcelona Metropolitan Area,

The final workshop was organized by the environment department of AMB, and served to present the conclusions of the project and future initiatives which resulted from the exchange of experiences between the metropolitan areas of Barcelona, Berlin, Liverpool and Lyon. One of the main conclusions of the collaboration was that climate change has to be understood from a holistic point of view, in which the environmental, political, economic and cultural dimensions must be approached hand in hand. In this sense, climate change adaptation requires the collaboration of all the parties involved to address the problem and raise optimal solutions from different areas.  It is considered that it is necessary to promote interdepartmental approaches and partnerships between the public and private sector, also involving the community in the process.

Eloi Badia, vice president, environment of AMB, opened the conference by welcoming the participants. Octavi Varga, executive director of Metropolis, presented the main challenges of  urban areas world-wide.  Ana Romero (AMB), Luce Ponsar (Lyon) and Vicki O’Kelly (Liverpool), presented the main lessons learned from the project and the intention to continue with a more ambitious  project in the framework of adaptation and citizen awareness.

Launched in June 2015, the Climate Metropole+ initiative comes to an end after having promoted the exchange and generation of knowledge about different measures and actions for articulating policies of climate change adaptation in cities.

Download the Climate Change Adaptation: strategies, actions and challenges workshop report.

Download the Climate Metropole+ final report.





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