Mpho Parks Tau

Executive Mayor, City of Johannesburg

‘Johannesburg has its own Adaptation Plan … The City has and is therefore responding to the principles listed in the No Regrets Charter. Examples include:

  • Climate proofing measures (solar water heaters; energy-efficient lighting; insulated ceilings and fruit trees) were implemented in 700 households in one of the poor urban communities.
  • Harvesting of landfill gas (methane) from two of its five landfills. It is the intention to feed electricity generated into the electricity grid, thus off-setting coal-derived electricity.
  • Exploring alternative water resources (recycling of treated effluent, underground water, and rainwater harvesting).
  • Lastly, the City of Johannesburg has become the first municipality to list a green bond at the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE). The money raised through the bond will be used to finance green initiatives such as the Bio-Gas to Energy Project and the Solar Geyser Initiative, as well as all other projects that reduce green-house emissions and contribute to a resilient and sustainable city.

This initiative by Metropolis under the leadership of Berlin to tackle adaptation is welcomed and is supported by Johannesburg.’

Gino Van Begin

Secretary General, ICLEI

‘On behalf of ICLEI—Local Governments for Sustainability, I would like to thank you for furthering the development of the No Regrets Charter on climate change adaptation and congratulate you wholeheartedly on the progress made.

This letter is to express our full support and endorsement of the No Regrets Charter, created as a result of the Berlin Metropolis Initiative Dialogues ‘No Regrets—Pre-Acting and Adapting to Climate Change in Cities’. We welcome its comprehensive approach and are pleased to take part in this crucial initiative.’

A drawing by Wu Wei, aged eight, called 'Universal Community of the Future', part of an exhibition of children's art at the Metropolis-Guangzhou Awards, hosted by the City of Guangzhou.

A drawing by Wu Wei, aged eight, called ‘Universal Community of the Future’, part of an exhibition of children’s art at the Metropolis-Guangzhou Awards in 2012, hosted by the City of Guangzhou.

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