ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability

ICLEI — Local Governments for Sustainability is the world’s leading network of over 1,000 cities, towns and metropolises committed​ to building​ a sustainable future. ICLEI works with its members to make their cities and regions sustainable, low-carbon, resilient, eco-mobile, biodiverse, resource-efficient and productive, healthy and happy, with a green economy and smart infrastructure. It thus has an impact over 20 per cent of the world’s urban population.

Projects in the Field of Climate Change

carbonn Climate Registry

The carbonn Climate Registry (cCR) is a leading reporting platform to enhance transparency, accountability and credibility of climate action of local and subnational governments. It was designated as the central repository of the Compact of Mayors, launched at the Climate Summit 2014.

Click here for a copy of the Carbonn Climate Registry: 2014-2015 Digest. (1 Mb)

Compact of Mayors

Launched at the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit, the Compact of Mayors is globally the largest coalition of city leaders addressing climate change by pledging to reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions, tracking their progress and preparing for the impacts of climate change.

Transformative Actions Program

The Transformative Actions Program (TAP) is the result of a co-operative effort by networks of local and subnational governments to improve access to existing capital flows to cities and regions, catalyzing and accelerating additional capital flows, and maximizing investment in low-carbon and climate-resilient urban development and governance processes.

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